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Thesis Project


Grad year:

1. Ali Etrati: Coneptual Photography & Videoggraphy
2. Matej Balaz: Studio Photography

Design Challenge: How might facing our trauma, past hurt and vulnerability help us build stronger relationships with ourselves and others?

Mission: Through primary, secondary and ethnographic research, I captured insights and learnings from wide perspectives in order to create a visual identity that captures how we experience sadness, grief, insecurity, vulnerability and unprocessed pain. The deliverables of this project which introduced below, will respond to the “Design Challenge” question.

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Special Acknowledgment: I extend heartfelt gratitude to Karen Jager, whose invaluable mentorship has been instrumental in guiding me through this transformative journey. Her profound teachings have not only enriched my current knowledge but have also significantly influenced and refined my approach to design, thanks to her unparalleled expertise and wisdom.

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Graduation Show: UFV Graphic + Digital Design Showcase | Abbotsford


Reflecting, processing, appreciating, not appreciating, appreciating again, moving, always moving, forgiving, forgiving more, breathing, growing, loving, deeply loving, more breathing, living, joyfully living, intentionally living, resiliently living.

noun: a long journey involving travel by sea or in space.

in literature: “Writing, like life itself, is a voyage of discovery. The adventure is a metaphysical one: it is a way of approaching life indirectly, of acquiring a total rather than a partial view of the universe. The writer lives between the upper and lower worlds: he takes the path in order eventually to become the path himself.” -Henry Miller

In farsi: سفر (safar)


Our challenging relationships can become our best teachers. Embracing humility and introspection transforms our pain into healing opportunities. This mirrors a vital shift toward authentic, conscious connections. Healing relationships demands courage and compassion. Taking responsibility acknowledges our role without blaming ourselves for others' actions. It signifies shedding ignorance, owning our power, and integrating our shadow. Mistakes are part of life; it's our present actions that matter. Healing is a journey; self-compassion trumps dwelling on past errors. True healing involves curiosity and kindness toward our past selves, understanding the protective mechanisms. This project invites exploration of our deep innocence beneath protective layers.


Our culture pushes us to suppress pain, even when it cuts deep, and to stay silent. The notion that "vulnerability is weakness" prevails. This project melds raw human aspects, drawing from my own experiences with pain and trauma. Through art, it aims to reshape our cultural outlook, redefining and understanding "vulnerability." The goal is a culture shift towards stronger bonds and community conversations. It urges personal growth, self-awareness, and being authentic for ourselves and others.

Narrative: This is a story about conflict. It’s about the transformative journey.

VOYAGE explores the journey one takes to recover from pain, hurt, trauma an heartbreak through the act of movement, vulnerability, and deep reflection. The destination is the process itself that leads the individual towards a place of authenticity with themselves and others, resulting in deeper connections.

The brand uses raw, honest and empathetic tone of voice to relate and connect with its audience. Through its boldness, it will challenge perceptions society holds towards trauma, hurt and pain. The graphics portray a sense of gentleness and naturalness to the process of healing. Slow movement is a symbol of time and patience. Overall, the tone is warm and positive. Use of natural light in all photographs and videos represent how the light can bring out healing in us.

“The wound is the place where light enters.” -Rumi

Through a process of user research and user testing I gained insights into the form of the campaign, the most effective media and the most effective language and tone to use throughout the services offered by VOYAGE.

Conversations rooted in connection and empathy!

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Social media masks life's complexities, highlighting only happiness. Sharing my struggles led to a shared realization: vulnerability is stifled by shame. Out of 30 responses, 25 affirmed shedding tears that week, revealing our commonality in facing challenges. Amid pain, we unite in our journey to grow. Heartbreak spurs growth for some, while others battle despair. Yet, our yearning for connection endures. Supporting each other through challenges is a profound privilege as we navigate diverse paths toward progress.

Visual Inspiration & Photographic Exploration:

It all started from where I sat as I opened up to my therapist...taking notes of my body language


Part of this project raised funds to support 19 individuals with free therapy sessions. Best way to help ourselves is by helping others.

Summary: Case study poster

It gives and it takes. It ebbs and it flows.

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