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Trans Mountain Pipeline:
The $7.4-billion expansion project

Spilled oil seriously threatens all components of the nation’s subsistence economy, especially salmon, clams and birds. Concept inspired by:

“Our ancestors had to slay that dragon. So we’ve always been protectors of our lands and our waters here...Now we’re facing another long dragon that needs to be slain. That’s the Kinder Morgan pipeline.” – Rueben George

City Presentation 2019:

My project received the distinguished honour of being showcased at the University of the Fraser Valley's BOARD OF GOVERNORS event, affording me the invaluable opportunity to elucidate the principles and purpose behind "NO CONSENT" to the communities of Harrison and Abbotsford. I wish to express my profound gratitude to my instructor, Michael Marsal-Roots, who not only nominated my work but also instilled in me the courage and confidence to present it with unwavering conviction.

Vancouver, BC