+ Editorial Design
+ Art Direction


1.   Ali Etrati: Coneptual Photography
2.  Matej Balaz: Studio Photography
3.  Sam: Editorial Photography

Design Challenge: How might facing our trauma, past hurt and vulnerability help us build stronger relationships with ourselves and others?

As I sit here holding my book, a labor of love that has resided in my heart for over four years, the overwhelming emotion of gratitude consumes me. The weight of the pages, the texture of the paper, and the tangible presence of Khalil Gibran’s poems and my photos represent a journey of writing, editing, and publishing that has transformed me. While I design digitally and create work that exist on a screen, physically holding this newly printed book is an unparalleled experience—an amalgamation of wonder, satisfaction, fulfillment, and accomplishment. The act of designing, delving into the depths of my soul to assemble moments of pain and healing, has been a transformative journey lasting four years. This book, now in my hands, is not just a publication; it is a testament to the profound impact poetry and visuals can have on the soul, providing unexpected healing and a newfound sense of accomplishment.

My greatest hope is that this book becomes an instrument to bringing transformation and freedom to many lives. That’s the sole reason I share my story on VOYAGE, and it holds immense significance. Looking forward, my next project involves publishing a book of my own writings within the next year. I aspire to continue creating narratives that resonate with the human experience, fostering connection and understanding. The journey of self-expression through words and design has become an integral part of my identity, and I am excited to embark on the next chapter of sharing stories that inspire and bring solace to those who may find resonance in them.

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Vancouver, BC