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Advocacy for Design 

Eric Lee

"Window" – The rebel poet of Iran

This project exemplifies advanced typographic expertise attained through rigorous research, analysis, and iteration. "Window" (or "Panjereh" in Farsi) aims to explore Iranian women's influence in the art world, culminating in a reflective publication.

Inspiration: Drawing from Forough Farokhzad’s resilience and feminine strength, I've crafted a piece that is visually engaging yet profound. Infused with nature's fluid shapes and the essence of the human heart, I delve into the connection between us and our surroundings. This work intertwines material and spiritual aspects of human existence, blending the tangible with the natural world.

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The creation of this illustration on a 22”x30” handmade cotton paper was a labor-intensive process, consuming over 25 painstaking hours. This timeline, however, doubled due to an unexpected setback – my initial attempt to incorporate a gold foil leafing technique resulted in unfortunate failure. The adhesive failed to bond properly, leading to smudged foil.

Amidst a moment of frustration, I made the decision to start anew, acquiring fresh paper to embark on the illustration once more. Although I relinquished the initial allure of the gold leaf, opting instead for conventional calligraphy ink, I pressed on. By the day's end, my fingers were almost numb from the precision required to wield the X-acto knife and meticulously cut, ultimately leaving an indelible imprint on the artwork.

Tangible Material Experimentation: 

To explore typographic principles using tactile materials.
Duration: 90 minutes
Materials used: leaves, moss, ropes, rinser, paper

Digital Experimentation: 

To explore typographic principles using digital techniques.
Duration: 20 minutes  | Work in B&W only

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Parisa Tashakori seamlessly melds ancient artisanal wisdom with contemporary tools, platforms, and communication methods. Her work radiates a joyful, positive, and kind-hearted energy, effortlessly turning the exploration of intricate themes into pure pleasure. Parisa fearlessly addresses pressing societal matters with boundless creativity, distilling complex subjects into easily digestible insights, whether she's unraveling the meanings of injustice or advocating for women's rights.

Her daring, unapologetic honesty and profound courage have captivated me, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for my own artistic journey. My aim was to forge a visual concept that, while simple, transcends the boundaries of media and intellectual confines. To achieve this, I ventured into uncharted artistic territories, experimenting with diverse typography styles, and embracing graphic design with insatiable curiosity – values and attributes that Parisa has ignited within me through my recent immersion in her work.

Furthermore, this poster pays homage to a Persian female poet who shares qualities with Parisa: Forugh Farrokhzad. A bold and immensely talented poet, Forugh defied conventions, offering profound revelations about the inner worlds and desires of women. Her poetry, rich in emotional intimacy, sparked controversies and challenged societal norms. Parisa's connection with Forugh's poetry book cover served as my bridge to these two remarkable women, both of whom continue to inspire and push boundaries.

Vancouver, BC